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Emergency Plan




Emergencies happen. There may be a time when you might be affected by an emergency but your life is not in immediate danger. During such a time, you will need to know how to help yourself and those around you. The Parish Council has put in place a plan to help deal with a major incident which may occur in the future.

We are very lucky here as Quainton is very much community based and being a good neighbour is natural and in times of an emergency will make all the difference. Below are two of the objectives of the plan:

  • To establish a means of identifying vulnerable people in the community with a view to supporting them in an emergency.
  • To identify resources in the community that would help minimise the severity of the emergency.

How can you help?

Let us know if you think you could be a good neighbour in your street/out-lying area to check on the vulnerable people or let people know what is happening

Do you have particular skills – first aider, can operate a chain saw etc?

Do you own a 4 x 4 that you could use in an emergency?

Do you own or have access to machinery that you could use – chain saw, digger, tractor, generator, emergency heating, sand etc?

Do you own or have access to any resources that would be useful?

Are you a member of a local group which could offer help?

Do you think you could be vulnerable in an emergency – eg less mobile, non driver

Any data will be kept in strictest confidence and only be made available to appropriate people if the Emergency Procedure Plan is activated by the Parish Council.

Contact the parish council via the online contact form.